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Monday, August 15, 2011


So, this is the very last post for Minimal Suburbanite.  One year ago today I posted my very first "10 Less".  I have gotten rid of over 520 items in one year.  Some weeks were easier than others, and I was a bit brazen with some where I counted whole lots of items as ONE.  Other weeks I had to sit in a room and really loot at what surrounded me and question, "Is this needed, does it bring joy, why do I have this?" 
I wanted to take a trip back to what started this all - The Craft Room!
Here are some before of my desk area:

Here is an after:
Here is a before of my book shelves:

Here is an after:
(It's now above my desk)

Here are some before of my closets:

And here are the after:

Here is a before of my "nook" area:
Here is an after:
Notice the empty spaces on the shelving unit =-)

I had planned to just focus on that room alone, and to be quite honest I can see some more items that I can get rid of.  The cool thing that happened on the way to the resale shop was that I noticed that there were other areas in our home that could benefit from my minimalist urge and we have all benefited from it.  I do believe that I am better because of it.  It really is freeing to get rid of physical clutter because, at least for me, the mental and emotional clutter soon follows as well.
Good luck in your de-cluttering efforts!
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Last 10...I mean 20 Less

I didn't post my picture from last week =-(  I was busy.  So, this week I have 20 items in my picture below.
Lots of socks.  Since I have to wear gym shoes to work and I think it's disgusting to wear shoes without socks I have gone though a lot of socks.  Some were too thick (and made me very uncomfortable) so I just got rid of them.  There is a vase in there too.  And Chris decided to get rid of some toys as well.  Bad photo, but trust me, there is easily 20 things there. 
How are you doing on your purging?  Is it easier now that we are switching from summer to unofficial fall? 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Toy Room Sweep

 As you can see, I cleared off some games - there were a bunch that hadn't been played in a very long time.  There were also some duplicates, like the Connect Four game.
 This front bag contains 6 picture frames
The bag behind the picture frame has a bunch of clothing, then there is the game bag, which has 11 board games in it and the bag behind that has a bunch of miscellaneous toys and books. 
Next week will be Minimal Suburbanites ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  August 11th was my first blog post and August 15th was the first 10 less photo.  So, my one year experiment is coming to an end.  Posting everything here has made it easier for me to stick to my commitment.  Getting rid of 10 items per week really wasn't that hard.  I have 20 more things to get rid of and then I am done with this blog. 
How are you doing?  Have you started to get rid of clutter?  How does it feel to lessen the stuff around you?  I know that it has been an awesome experience for me and I can't wait to review it all on the 15th. 

Monday, July 25, 2011


 This is the overview photo - there is a lot of stuff. Lets take a closer look...
 Educational workbooks and kites...
 A stack of OLD books and photo frames...
 Coloring books and kite string...
I love using black utility bags to get rid of toys.  They never know what is missing.